The plans for the Applegarth site are highly symbiotic in relation to it's proximity to the economic area, as well as the considerable area of natural green space assigned to the plans. The site includes 80 residential units, 34 of which are designated as affordable housing. (42.5%) The site is a low density scheme set within a 31 acre site. It has an 11 acre area of natural green space available to all residents and the local community. This is 4 times the amount of required green space and will completely screen the site from the Headley Road. There are two mature copses of trees that have also been integrated into the site, so that apart from 4 small trees at the entrance, no tree will be lost. The site will see 250 new trees planted and the amount of wildlife will increase considerably due to the current close cropped fields being given to nature.

The site also includes a kids play park and we are talking to Natural England about the idea of an outside gym with running track around the green space 

The Plans

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