Financial Contributions to Grayshott


This area is complicated and requires some explanation on how 'Section 106' agreements work. Section 106 agreements are legally binding contracts put together between the applicants lawyers and EHDC’s lawyers and once planning permission has been gained, is legally set in stone.

They are not inducements they are moneys requested to mitigate the impact that any new housing happens on a location. They are worked out (the community impact amount for example) by taking the number of houses and multiplying that by an amount. 

This is how the process then works:

East Hampshire collect the developer contributions and hold them for the benefit of the local community. The sums collected are held in parish ‘pots’ within EHDC’s financial accounting system. The terms of Section 106 agreements will  contain a covenant given by the Council that it will not use any part of the contributions other than for the purposes for which they are paid. The section 106 agreement will usually set out the details of payment and what it is for. The Education contribution will be passed to Hampshire County Council for it to spend on education. The section 106 should specify that the education sum of money is to be spent in Grayshott on the Primary School.

In terms of the other contributions, those will be spent by EHDC or the community on local projects. The section 106 agreement should contain clauses that cover:

Community facilities – the sum paid to the Council towards the provision or enhancement of community facilities in the locality. This will not usually specify the project or projects on which the money will be spent but as noted above it is usually held in the relevant parish ‘pot’.

Open space/ recreation/ allotments contribution – sum paid to the Council towards the provision in the vicinity of the development or if there is an identified project, that project

Contribution towards a project to relieve traffic congestion in Grayshott village centre- new carparking facility agreed with the council with moneys allocated specifically for that.


Having collected the contributions EHDC holds them until they are called for by a spending department, parish council or local organisation.


Click here for a copy of a report to the Community Forum for 15 July 2014 that explains how Headley Parish Council successfully bid for 20,950 out of the sum of money held by EHDC as developer contributions for Open Space in the parish. Also, the policy statements are set out as to these contributions.

Our Suggested contributions

This is a little complicated as we have not received from the third parties (education authority, Hampshire Highways etc)  the amounts that we are putting forward for this current application. We have however got the figures that were requested for our previous application and the likelihood is that they will be similar. The came to approximately £550,000 

New Carpark


The idea being that a new carpark for all of the business owners and workers is found, so that the roadside carparking can be time limited. This will free up the main carparking allowing customers to drop in and shop with our retail businesses and eliminate the biggest problem the village centre has. 

We met with EHDC's planning team in July and suggested how this money could help push the project forward.  The situation is:

EHDC does not have the funds to build this carpark on its own. It needs a financial partner to bear a large proportion of the build cost. They have identified a number of options for maintaning a carpark and have assigned an officer to actively identify a site to accomodate 90 cars. 


Grayshott Primary School - Contribution


Grayshott Primary School can hold 210 children and has been deemed as full by the education authority. To provide the facilities to accept new pupils EHDC could allocate moneys from the S106 agreement to assist

Due to the fact that this is an outline application we do not know whether this is for the updating of the school or will be given to other schools to update their own facilities to accomodate more children.

There are many children that go to Grayshott Primary School that live outside of the village and have put down Grayshott as their first choice. Children living within Grayshott are prioritised for their local school so will be guaranteed a place. The children outside of Grayshott will therefore go to the school in their own catchment (Headley for example) 



Community facilities and public services. contribution 

These monies could be used in many ways and require local bodies to come forward and request funds. There is lots of potential for this, these being two ideas: 

Fixing Boundary Road to the surgery- There is now a way through the complicated legal situation on  boundary road pothole which will cost £50,000. This could be started immediately funds are recieved  


Community Youth club base- Grayshott youth club have been looking for a new location as a permanent site for them to be based out of for a number of years. Funds could be used out of this pot to at last give them what they need.

 Playing Pitch and Allotments


These monies could be used in many ways and require local bodies to come forward and request funds. There is lots of potential for this, these being two ideas: 


This page will be updated as and when the statutory consultees who request moneys submit their comments