Impact on the village


With any new housing there is always going to be an impact on the locality. When Kingswood Firs estate was first put up as a planning application for 80 houses in the late 50's there was considerable concern about it's impact on the village. The same with Waggoners Way estate. There are reports in the Parish records of the considerable concern that this new housing would have on the village. It could be argued that without these developments taking place, Grayshott's heart, it's commercial centre would not be as strong as it is today without th0se additional customers.

In the case of this application, we have worked hard to make it as positive for the local community as possible.  There will of course be some disruption to the locality in the actual build process but is this countered by the long term benefits to our businesses community and the considerable funds to the village.   Below we identify these areas and try to answer the many questions that have arisen.

 New residents in the village

Although we feel that additional residents in Grayshott will go a good way towards helping our businesses thrive, there are other implications such as the effect on the doctors surgery and schools to consider.  This section tries to identify key concerns about the infrastructure.

Effect on our shops and businesses.

We feel that 80 new families spending money in the village can only be a good thing. Coupled with a new car parking facility the potential for Grayshott's businesses could be cons

More cars- what effect will it have? 

There will inevitably be more cars on the road. These cars will of  course drive through Grayshott, the will also drive through Headley. However, although this is not a good thing, these car movements will be spread throughout the day  and have a far lower impact than you might think. Have a look at our infographic to see the facts.

Applegarth's new  facilities

We are confident that the economic plans that Applegarth gained planning permission for will be a great asset for Grayshott. Not only will it bring 25 new jobs to the area it will be very popular locally providing a range of new services.