Questions answered


Throughout the last year we have been questioned over many topics. We have heard many rumors and speculation as to our intentions with the site. With that in mind and with the fact that we have been as open as we possibly could be throughout the process, we try to answer these questions in the following page.

How will Grayshott Primary School cope


The development is likely to generate approximately 20 school children of Grayshott Primary School age. Even if they all went to the school, they will be spread between 7 years so about 3 a year. To mitigate this, there would be a developer contribution to expand existing education and community facilities. Hampshire County Council has advised that this would be £374,218. 

This does not necessarily mean that this money will be used to physically expand the existing school, it may very well be used at other local schools. Although Grayshott primary school is full, there are numerous children who attend the school from further afield. This means that when Grayshott children who come from the Vale apply,  they will be given priority due to proximity. Other children will go to the schools that they are closest to or have chosen. 

What mix of homes would be provided? 


A full mix of high quality, attractive family homes are proposed, ranging from one to five bedroomed houses, including bungalows. In terms of the affordable homes, this will include homes for rent and ‘shared equity’ where a percentage of the house is purchased with the remainder as rented. Local people will be prioritised helping many young people currently living with their parents to access the housing ladder, and also assisting key workers such as teachers, nurses and police officers to be able to afford to live in the area. 


What will the housing look like? 



 As this is an outline application it is difficult to go into detailed design discussions.  A Design and Access Statement sets out scale and density to ensure it is in-keeping with the local area. You can find that document in the Our Plans page by clicking here.  This is a very low density development averaging out at around 20 dwellings per hectare. One to two storey properties are proposed to ensure a mix of bungalows and family housing, helping to create a sustainable community on the site. 

The density would offer a spacious layout with soft landscaping in an attractive setting. The considerable landscape buffers and trees around the site ensure it is visually self-contained so that it does not affect the views of existing residents. 


What about the local gap? 



 Local gaps were created to make sure that there is a physical and/or visual seperation of settlements. 

Essentially, this means that when you leave Grayshott on the Headley Road you realise that you have left the village and then when you enter Headley you also know that that is the case. In this case, looking at the masterplan on the home page, you will see that there is a considerable distance between any housing and the road. When built, you will be hard pressed to notice any difference driving down the road, except for a much more established field area. and perhaps a glimpse of something in the background. The economic area, which already has a planning concent will be the much more prominent feature. It also begs the question, if this was such a problem, how was a considerable application passed in the middle of the same area if the Local gap was such an issue. 

What about setting a precedent for ribbon development

We do not feel that this is a threat in relation to our application. We have already seen another planning application in Grayshott being turned down due to its being inappropriately sited outside of the village centre and away from any infrastructure and transport links. Grayshott is protected simply down to it's geographical layout and proximity to an EU regulated site of Scientific Importance. The only feasible location for any housing is to the West of Grayshott. Applegarth is the only site that is not encumbered by the SSI as it comes back in further towards Headley. 

To see this go to  and find Grayshott on the map (scroll in quite far) . On the left hand side you will see a menu of things you can tick. Go down to where it says SPA 400m (Special Protection Area 400m buffer) and you will see the area that is protected. We had to conduct a 6 month highly extensive study before Natural England would allow this site and only outside this 400m buffer. No one will be allowed to do anything within this buffer that involves a residential development due to the Endangered ground nesting birds found on the Wealden Heath (Ludshott Common) 



What about affordable housing letting in people from outside of Grayshott.


The current affordable housing list for Grayshott is 32. It varies somewhat, getting up to 36 but has been around this level for the last two years (as of 01/07/15)  We are looking at putting in 34 affordable housing units. This will be enough to wipe the Grayshott list and put in housing for people less fortunate than ourselves but not open it up to people from outside Grayshott. for more info on the affordable housing click here 


How will the green space be protected and maintained for the future.



The developer that buys the concented planning permission and land will have to pay an amount agreed by the local authority to keep the land in good keeping for 50 years. This will be a pot of money that secures this for that period. The land will be given to a third party (parish council, Natural England etc) with covenants that no residential development can take place on it.  The land is also within the SPA 400m buffer so even without these covenants, residential development would not be allowed.


What is the timescale for delivering the proposed new homes?



Assuming the development is of 80 units this would take up to 2 years to build out.

Why is additional housing necessary in Grayshott when many acres of MOD land are becoming available nearby and in the eco-town at Bordon?


Planning authorities have to plan for the needs of their communities for housing, employment etc. At the heart of the Joint Core Strategy for the district is that sufficient land is planned to be available for 10,060 homes to be built in the District in the period 2011-2028. This should also include homes for local people in housing need. The affordable housing need in Grayshott should be met in Grayshott and not exported to other communities. Realistically that affordable housing need cannot be met on its own and requires market price homes, which will also meet a need of those people who do not qualify for social housing, to subsidise its provision.


Also, quoting George Osbourne in a piece he wrote on the 20th August:

"And if we are going to attract and maintain a dynamic workforce, we need to make it easier for people to stay in their rural communities and for newcomers to settle there too. We’ll always want to protect our green belt and beautiful natural environments, but the lack of housing in rural areas is a scandal. Those living in villages want to see them thrive, want to maintain enough housing for their children to live in and want the local shop, school and village services to flourish. So we will reform planning laws, making it easier for villages to establish their own neighbourhood plan and allocate land for a small number of new homes."



What will the impact be of large/construction vehicles travelling through Grayshott?

A Construction Traffic Management Plan will be a required to address these concerns and is expected to be a condition of planning. Essentially, the local authority will limit the times and routes that traffic can take to bring material to the site. It is likely that there will be a flurry getting material to the site to start with, then much will be made on site such as the concrete etc.




Could a 'fitness trail'/ outdoor training equipment be incorporated into the proposed SANGS?


Yes, there is no reason why such facilities could not be included in the SANGS and we are looking into this currently – this could take the form of simple timber features such as a low log balance beam, log stepping stones, timber parallel bars etc that canbe sensitively designed and sited so as to be in keeping with the natural greenspace character of the SANG. Furthermore these could be placed at intervals via an informal mown grassed path around the periphery of the SANG so as not to conflict with the broader biodiversity objectives of this area


Are there issues with water pressure that require further consideration?

A Utility Infrastructure ‘Site Appraisal Report’ (PBA, August 2014) has been prepared in support of the planning submission and considers the requirements of the development proposal. In respect of potable water supply, South East Water

(SEW) have been consulted. SEW have carried out a Hydraulic Assessment of thelocal network and have confirmed that approximately 650m of new high-pressure Consultation Statement Applegarth Vale, Grayshott 19 (180mm) pipe will need to be laid in replacement of the existing cast iron (3”) main in Crossways Road, to serve development. The cost of these works would be met by the developer


What sort of local employment opportunities will be

In addition to being able to realise consented development for a Children’s Soft Play Facility, associated Cafeteria and Educational Facilities, Applegarth Farm is preparing to submit an application for new facilities including a planned cookery school and rural enterprise centre.

It is expected that once all parts of the business have been built, the local community will benefit from 20 to 25 employment opportunities. These jobs will be varied and encompass a wide spectrum of roles from management to apprenticeships. As has

been the case for the last 5 years, Applegarth Farm will offer work placements to local school pupils, as well as continue to give all its staff the ability to study NVQ qualifications while working. The above figures do not take into account the additional employment that will be garnered by providing small business startups with a location to be based out of. Not

only will this give producers an embryonic base to move their business up to the next level but it will also bring in employment via these small businesses.


This page is not complete and will be updated as questions arise, If you have any questions please go to the contact us page and write to us