Businesses in Grayshott


Walking down the high street in Grayshott and to the outside observer, everything would look pretty good. However, if you dig deeper, you speak to the actual shopkeepers who run the businesses that we take for granted, the story is not as it seems. 


Currently there are 6 empty shops on the Headley Road, with another three businesses considering leaving. There are 40 shopfront premises on the high street, that means that 20% of them are likely to be empty shortly. The changes in the types of businesses in the last three years has also been substantial. Where we had a bookshop, an art gallery, and more clothes shops we now have more serviced based businesses like estate agents and dry cleaners. Not to say that this is wrong but in terms of giving you a broad spectrum of reasons to come to Grayshott, the selection is becoming more limited. 


The shop keeper retailers are having a tough time- why is this? 


Lack of carparking


The biggest problem our shops have is the lack of parking that there is in the village. The first thing you now think when you consider going to Grayshott to buy something is that the likelihood of being able to park is minimal- therefore you don't bother. It is a critical problem, one which damages the viability of the businesses on the high street as well as any prospective tenants looking to take one of the empty units. 

Why is Haslemere centre doing so much better? A number of reasons but one has to be the abundent parking, even if you have to pay for it


An aging population


Although Grayshott is a fairly affluent environment, due to the largest age group being 60+, it's residents are less likely to spend as much money as a village with a younger population. Appetites are not so large, houses are already decorated and pantries neeed not be anywhere near as full as those with children to feed!

Alongside this, the ever growing care homes that take space in Grayshott provide no financial sustenance to our businesses.