Affordable Housing 


Housing in this part of the country is becoming more and more unobtainable for a whole generation of people. With both the rental and buying market becoming incredibly expensive, an increasing number of people are looking for assistance in their housing. These are people who have either found themselves in a difficult situation in life and even in gainfull employment are unable to afford private landlord's fees.


A perfect example would be a keyworker, such as a nurse, who is employed in the village in either the doctors surgery or in one of the nursing homes. It is not their fault that the housing market has gone the way it has with their wage staying static. Yes they could move a long way out of the village and have to commute for half an hour every day. However, why should they have to do that just because their chosen career does not renumerate as much as other skills do. It's an admirable career, one which we all rely upon at some time in our lives. 







There are a number of criteria that Hampshire Home Choice requires you to pass before you become eligible for housing.

1) You and your partner earn less than £60,000 per year and you have assets worth no more than £16,000

3) Grayshott connections:

  •  Have been resident in Grayshott for 12 continuous months at the time of  application.

  •  Have lived in Grayshott for 3 out of previous 5 years or

  •  Have close family (mother, father, brother or sister, adult children, grandparents) who have been resident for 5 continuous years and continue to be resident in Grayshott.

A good example for the affordable housing would be our firefighters. Grayshott has an active fire station but due to not having enough staff is unable to attend the majority of fires. Firfighters have to be at very close proximity to their station, in case of a call out. 

With new affordable housing at the Vale, prospective firefighters would be within the right distance to be able to attend the station, ensuring the viability of our station.

Grayshott's current affordable housing list contains 32 familys in need of help.  Applegarth Vale is proposing housing for 34 residents and will fullfill the areas need.

Affordable housing at the Vale

Affordable housing at the Vale will likely consist of the following types:


70% assisted rental 

30% help to buy.

All of the affordable housing will be pepper potted  throughout the site rather than in one large area. The quality of the housing will be very similar to the private housing although built by an affordable housing specialist like Drum housing.

There are two different types of Affordable Housing. 


Affordable rented- Where you rent the property from the housing association at a reduced rent. 


Shared ownership- Where the tenant can buy a share of the property fromthe housing assocation and rent the remainder. This would be a good scenario for a young couple wanting to get on the housing market but are unable to raise the considerable deposits needed. 

Affordable housing has been given bad press locally mainly due to lack of understanding. The idea that the area is going to be inundated with people who will cause chaos for the local area is not true. Having shown that the majority of the people on Grayshott's affordable housing list area already living in the village and that Grayshott currently has an amazingly low anti social behaviour problem, why would that all of a sudden be the case. These are either elderly people living of a state pension, young people unable to get on the housing ladder or people who have had a difficult time in live. 

Grayshott's current affordable housing list contains 32 familys in need of help.  Applegarth Vale is proposing housing for 34 residents and will fullfill the areas need.