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Thank you for taking the time to visit this website. The purpose of this site is to show you in detail what the plans are for Applegarth Vale as we have just been granted an outline application for 80 high quality dwellings. The plans are highly symbiotic and will fit into the local area with minimal impact and considerable benefit. 


The application includes an area of natural green space that is 4 times the planning requirement and will be for all of the local community to enjoy.



From the outset 5 years ago, the residential application has always been seen as an enabling concept to allow the growth of the business at Applegarth. 


A secondary application was granted planning permission in June 2015 for the redevelopment of the economic area at Applegarth. It will include a cookery school, market garden, food hall, children's play barn and 130 cover restaurant as well as an artisan cabin village, a home for small artisan producers. At a £4.1m build cost the delivery of this application is entirely dependent on the funds arising from the housing application.


The two applications, although not directly linked, will be highly symbiotic of each other and showcase how residential developments can bring real benefit to the local community in more than just housing. 

We have created a seperate website for the economic development

Welcome to our plans for Applegath Vale, an 80 house residential development in the much sought after village of Grayshott in Hampshire.

The Concept
Enabling Economic development

A stunning low density  site sitting adjacent to the busy farmshop & Restaurant. Running at the same time as the residential build will be a major redevelopment of the restaurant facility  creating an  unparralled foodie destination  

A Beautifull, symbiotic location.


 Applegarth farm has been in the same ownership for 39 years and boasts a vibrant Restaurant and farmshop. It has a strong reputation locally with over 67,000 people served in the restaurant in 2015 and a yearly increase of 15% over the last half decade. The site sits on the edge of the multi-award winning village of Grayshott on the Surrey/Hampshire border. 


. The residential plans that we are presenting are low density and high quality, set in 31 acres of rural land. It does not affect any neighbour as there is a considerable amount of established woodland screening the new housing. It fulfils Grayshott's entire affordable housing requirements providing much needed homes to families with an established tie to Grayshott. It will provide the opportunity for young adults, many of whom grew up in the area, to purchase a property near their families. It will allow the elderly in the area to downsize to a house appropriate for their needs, therefore allowing larger houses to be used by families with children. The housing will provide £750,000 to Grayshott village to be used in many ways.  



Enabling Economic Development- Applegarths future plans will create an unparralled food-centric destination, paid for by the sale of the much needed residential development.

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